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"World's Largest Mezuza"

"HaModia", the weekly newspaper of Torah Jewry

World's Largest Mezuza

Jerusalem calligraphy artist and certified sofer Avraham Borshevsky has successfully created the largest kosher mezuza ever written.

This giant mezuza measures 37 by 30 inches, and is certified as "the biggest mezuza ever written" by Machon Ot, a safrus organization. It will appear as as such in the next edition of the Guinness Book of Records.

Besides setting a record for klaf and letter size, the mezuza case is also the largest ever made. Specially constructed of gilded wood and glass, it looks more like an elongated aquarium than the modest cases found on Jewish doorways.

Now Borshevsky faces another challenge - finding a large enouph doorway!

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