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Avraham Borshevsky

The design of this logo is based on the shape of a square heraldic shield. To the right of the diagonal is the letter Aleph. To the left under the diagonal is the letter Bet. In addition to the initials of the name and surname, these two letters mean "Alefbet" - the Hebrew alphabet. The diagonal in the center with the letter Shin symbolizes a mezuzah as a symbol of sacred Hebrew calligraphy, which, thanks to Avraham Borshevsky, received international recognition through the Guinness Book of Records.

Logo Araham Borshevsky alligraphy.jpg

The civic association EDAH, Slovakia

The word "Edah" in Hebrew means both "community" and "witness" in the feminine. The design of this logo includes the motif of the tallit, which is the traditional Jewish clothing worn during prayers.


The Yamma Ensemble, Israel

Ensemble Yamma, Israel’s leading delicate world music ensemble presents original contemporary Hebrew music. This logo, with the ensebmles's name in Hebrew, was written by quill and ink on genuine parchment.


The summer scout camp "Pereval", Ukraine

Handwritten Cyrillic letters and wind rose.



From the books of Moshe Cohen

Exlibris Avraham Borshevsky Calligrapy.jpg


Bet and Mem 


Gimel and Mem 

Monogram M G.jpg

Aleph and Shin 

Monograms Title Avraham Borshevsky Calligraphy.jpg

L and D 

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