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Sabbath Blessings

1. Sabbath Candles Blessing with two first verses of "Eishet Chayil".

Ink and gold on goatskin parchment.

Candles blessing Avraham Borshevsky.jpg

2. Sabbath Candles Blessing with "Yehi Ratson" prayer.

Ink and white gold on calfskin parchment

Shabbat Candles parchment Blessing Avraham Borshevsky.jpg

3. Havdalah Blessings after Sabbath with ""Gott fun Avrohom" prayer for successful week by Rabbi Levi-Yitzchak of Berdichev (in Yiddish).

Ink and gold on calfskin parchment.

Havdalah Avraham Borshevsky Calligraphy.jpg
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